Happy and Colourful, Juicy and Powerful, Enlightening and Brave Art…

… for Spontaneous and Curious, Daring and Adventurous,

Bold and Sensitive, Genuine and Meaningful,

Natural and Sensual Individualistic Souls.

“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul”. Kandinsky

Abstract paintings convey spiritual and emotional values simply through the arrangement of colours, textures and lines.

They have unique energy and influance the deepest frequencies of the soul.

They move us and bring connection with our own emotions.

They liberate, inspire, cheer us up, heal.



 Looking at her paintings you would never imagine that three years ago she had barely held a paintbrush in her hand; they reveal a sophistication and freedom in her use of paints and an acute artistic sensibility which could be the result of many years of making and studying art.”  

∼ Kathleen April Tompsett, Cultural Editor and Art Curator at Pink and Brown. 

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