Wiktoria Florek Abstract Painter

Wiktoria Florek is a mixed media abstract artist painting with acrylic, spray, inks, oil pastels and other mediums on canvas and on paper. She lives in Sabadell, Barcelona and has a studio in the countryside in Polinyà.  


Her creative process is an expressive and intuitive journey into the soul.

The Story:

wiktoria florekShe was born in Cracow, Poland. Her soul always craved for travelling and discovering new places, cultures, learning new languages (native Polish, fluent Spanish, English and intermediate French).

She’s fascinated by unknown and eager to discover it.

As if I was looking in the remotest places for my own identity, craving to discover who am I“.

Studying International Economic Relations at Cracow University of Economics gave her an opportunity to spend semesters in Mexico and  Spain. “The beauty, heat, color and diversity intoxicated me“. Her remote travels to over 40 countries on all continents has been fueling her soul with colorful images, exotic flavors, intense experiences, beautiful friendships. 

Since 2011 she lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.

Moving to Spain was the time and place where my eyes and heart opened even wider, I realized that wherever I go, a part of me belongs there. The mind can’t perceive it, but the soul knows – we are all energy, we are all one. This concept resonated with me and encouraged to pay closer attention to the inside.

I was slowly re-connecting with my inner voice – and a burning desire to create manifested“.

I took a brush – scary, distrustful and uncertain. I put the colors on the palette and waited for a while. Suddenly I felt an impulse. My hands started mixing the colors. Colorful, exotic images gathered during years of travelling were passing through my mind and my heart was reviving the experiences. The brushstrokes flew with such an ease. The unlocked experiences were triggering emotions that were dancing freely, spontaneously, effortlessly all over the canvas. It was like magic”.

The burning desire to create and express is what drives me to paint. Painting is a journey into a soul. Just as a traveler discovers new lands, I discover infinitive universe of possibilities hidden inside, awaiting to be released. 

I believe art inspires and empowers the best of ourselves. Painted emotions may be illuminating and liberating for the spectator. Art makes us happy, it gives pleasure, awakes passions and expresses uniqueness and pure frequencies of the soul. 

My vision is to spread excitement and energy all over the globe. Painting is a journey into the soul. And the soul is the place where infinitive possibilities arise. I paint my inner world, emotions, moods, state of mind… My process is full of excitement and happiness and I believe joy is contaigous.

My mission is to make you smile and intoxicate you with joy, power, love, peace and mindfulness. My paintings are created with energy, passion, colour and fearlessness. 


In my young artistic career I’ve participated in several group and solo exhibitions, including a collaboration with European Museum of Modern art in Barcelona where 5 of my drawings were exhibited.


My work is in private collections in Europe, Asia and USA.

Wiktoria Florek at Barcelona International Art Fair
Barcelona International Art Fair, Dec. 2016



February: Escola d’Humanitats Artkhé, “Flow of Emotions”, Solo Exhibition, Barcelona



December: Barcelona International Art Fair, Barcelona

November: Holistic Clinic & Galeria Gruning, “Personal Color”, Solo Exhibition,  Kraków

June: Escola d’Humanitats Artkhé, Solo Exhibition, Barcelona

May: Galeria Gruning, “Flow Zone”, Group Exhibition, Kraków

‘Soulmade’ Art Festival, Barcelona
‘Private Art Viewing’, Solo Show, Sabadell
‘Breaking Ground’, Cor23 Art Gallery, Group Exhibition, Barcelona
‘Private Art Viewing’, Solo Show, Sabadell
‘Jordi Diaz Alamà & Barcelona Academy of Art’, Group Exhibition, Destil·leria,Mataró
MEAM (Museu Europeu d’Art Modern), Collaboration, Barcelona
‘Dance Is Energy’ Ballet Dancers Series, Solo Exhibition, Novum House, Krakow 
Koelner Liste, Art Fair | Cologne
Centro Cívico, Group Exhibition, Barcelona

Painting Process


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