S U C C E S S = P L E A S U R E

Amazing how generations are changing and how perception of life and success changes… Baby boomers, generation X and finally Millennials – generation Y! For Ys – success is to be free to do whatever you dream about, to enjoy every moment, to be happy;


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Expansion by Paige Bradley

Paige Bradley

Expansion | Bronze with Electricity | 76 x 35 x 17″ | 193 x 89 x 43 cm


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One day in Dubai

Dubai Marina, beach in Dubai

Few months ago I was complaining about business trips  (Dream job full of travelling). But today I will not complain – I’m in Dubai! …and luckily I had one day to enjoy the city :) Tomorrow starts work (here working week is from Sunday to Thursday).

What to do in Dubai in one day? 


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Art Cologne 2014 – contemporary sculptures

contemporary sculptures cologne art fair

In the previous post Wooden Sculptures from Cologne Art Fair, I asked you to remember this photo and today I want to come back to it and show you a short video. 

4 contemporary sculptures from ART COLOGNE that I could not photograph… and which probably you will not understand at all…


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Eames Chairs

Emeas Chair

Eames chairs are my dreamed furniture. I’m crazy about it’s iconic design. They’re simple and beautiful. And they’re not only only functional, they’re piece of art.


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Wooden sculptures from Cologne Art Fair

 sculptures cologne art fair

Today a portion of wooden and bronze sculptures from Art Cologne and Koelner Liste – Fair for Contemporary Art…. Enjoy :) (228)

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Moo Business Cards

moo business cards,

My business cards have arrived! You can find the whole story here. Today just photos of these gorgeous BC.   (4293)

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Visit to Villa del Arte Gallery

Christiaan Lieverse at Villa Del Arte

Christiaan Lieverse artworks

Do you visit art galleries? Why do people visit private art galleries at all? To purchase? To admire? To look for inspiration? 

I like entering galleries to look for inspiration and recently I’m also looking to purchase painting for my empty walls. This Saturday after Cut it yourself event, I visited the art gallery that I really like, Villa del Arte  and…


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Cut it yourself

cut it yourself

Today on the blog photos from an amazing experience “Cut it yourself”!

So what is that?


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MOO “we love to print”


I’ve started to paint at the end of December 2012. Can you imagine how challenging it is, to join the world of art from a completely different reality? Till now, business, big multinationals and finance was my reality. I feel confident there, but in the art world I’m like a crawling baby. I was painting at home, taking evening art classes, I started this website and the blog and now it’s time for the first steps in the real art world. I want to meet other artist in person and I’m really excited and anxious to share my work in real. I’ve made first steps: my paintings will be at the art fair in Cologne; I joined the art association and I met first artist – whooooh!!!! And I realized that I need…


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