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Picasso quotes

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ~ Pablo Picasso (13)


1 Way to Read a Painting Powerfully

How should we read a painting?

We often imagine that reading art requires special knowledge and skills. We are also often told that reading art is sophisticated and really hard – in other words only few know how to do it properly.

I tried to follow some academic ways of reading paintings. I attempted to read history of art and how to interpret important artworks and honestly I was falling asleep! Yes! Cause this “scientific books” were overbooked with historical facts, dates, names etc… The authors were too much focused on who the painting belonged to and when was it acquired by which museum, what’s the technique that the painter used, what the painting represents and symbolises, who’s on the painting etc. I couldn’t understand anything and even more, I still had no clue what the painting was really about. And the reason is that, there was never an answer to the question:


Every painting has a spirit and it’s the spirit of the painting that should be analysed.


Fortunately, this part is very easy! By asking ourselves: what this painting mean to mean to me? Does it bring any emotions, memories? What’s the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this painting? What can I learn from this painting about myself, about society, about the world, about animals, about life? What is the moral of this artwork?

I’ll give you an example: (63)

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How I paint


Collaboration with Museu Europeu d’Art Modern (MEAM)

MEAM, Museu Europeu d'Art Modern, Wiktoria Florek drawings, expressive drawings, Josep Llimona

In December students of Barcelona Academy of Art were given the opportunity to collaborate with MEAM (Museu Europeu d’Art Modern) and make drawings around the exhibition of Josep Llimona, Catalan Sculptor (‘A walk around the work of Josep Llimona, 150 years’). 

I did couple of drawings around 2 sculptures.


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make mistakes quote

I can’t believe that 2014 is over! Honestly this year was the most awesome in my life. I will remember it FOREVER! I don’t feel the usual excitement to welcome New Year, cause I wish 2014 could continue… But here we are at the end so let’s make a little summary…


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Commissions – catch emotion forever

So much excitement for weeks, impatiently awaiting Christmas and now it’s over. Hope you had wonderful time and you have plenty of energy to start NEW YEAR! For me this time was relaxing, I charged my batteries and I enter 2015 with new ideas!

Today I would like to introduce a new and exciting thing on WIKART.NET


There are 4 options and this is the one I love the most:

CATCH EMOTION FOREVER  – The most personalised option and the most emotional for me. Imagine you immortalise the emotion of happiness, gratefulness, love, passion or success in a piece of art. We can create together a gift that tastes like your first kiss. Or a gift that smells like first big success. Or a gift that feels like an innocent carefree childhood to celebrate the best friendship ever. You decide what the emotion is…


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christmas contest, win ballet dancer painting

Do you remember excitement and impatience with which we were all awaiting Christmas as a child? Do you still feel it today despite the years passing by?

At the end of November everything already smells Christmas, streets are decorated, Santa Clause is welcoming us in every corner, we hear Christmas songs and our hearts are growing. We are more compassionate, more open and the smile welcomes more often on our faces.  It’s mid November and I haven’t seen Santa Clause yet and I haven’t heard any Christmas songs but I feel strong that Christmas is coming… I know, I know it’s still over a month… But I can’t help that I’m in a Christmas mood and I wanted to give you a Christmas Gift - Ballet Dancer painting! I can’t give it to everyone, you can imagine that ;( So here is my idea! A CONTEST where you can win A BALLET DANCER or LIMITED EDITION ART PRINT <3 

A gift from me for you! (225)

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Your True Vocation

ballet dancer, pink, ballet dancer, painting, original, artwork, high potential art, ballerina

What is your true vocation?

You don’t know? That’s ok. I know how hard it is to find one’s true vocation. I’ve been myself seeking long… Cause sometimes it takes time and you have to try many things. But keep trying until you find it. And when you’ll find, you’ll know. You’ll know cause you can’t get rid of it. It overwhelms and it insists. It insists strong until you follow it. Can you resist from your true vocation? Yes you can. Your fears and other people can help you resist. And you can listen to them or listen to your heart. The choice is yours. But if you choose your heart, you will choose happiness and freedom. You may not have money, you may lose some friends, you may lose relationships. Are you ready for that? No-one’s ready. And you’ll not be ready unless you trust yourself more than you trust others. Listen to your heart and be you. Cause being you is being perfect. Everything else is poor imitation.



My first class with life model

Last Friday I had my first Expressive Drawing Class with life model. I was eager to work with life models for months!

The class was very dynamic, every 3 minutes the model was changing her pose,  we had little time to catch her shapes. Beginning was amazing, I was drawing like crazy, focused, excited and free. It was amazing…  amazing until the professor came and told me it was all bad!

What? – I thought. I was upset… How can he say it’s bad? Ok, I know I still need to grasp the rhythm and get better connection with the model to have the expression deeper but it can’t be so bad…? I’m used to draw in an expressive and kind of impressionist way. This is what I always do. ‘An impressionist is the one who does not paint like everyone, does not obey the rules and attitude!’ V.v. Gogh.

The class is called Expressive drawing and I still have to follow some rules? This way I couldn’t be myself. I felt I had to betray my intuition and obey the rules. Soon my anger converted into doubt. Am I on the right path? Perhaps I’m not fit to be an artist… ? What if all that is a mistake? I started to follow the rules, the professor was happier with my drawings but I was not. I didn’t like them at all. They were not mine… 

I was thinking all weekend, whether: keep the class? quit the class? learn all the rules? What if the rules will kill my intuition and I will not be able to paint spontaneously anymore? My head was full of thoughts but somehow I felt I should learn. I’ve decided to extend my classes and I took full time academic figure drawing class for 3 months. I don’t know why, but I felt it’ll get me to the next stage. Perhaps you have to learn all the rules, and then forget them all, to be totally free painting. I think this is the right way…

Second expressive drawing class was much better. We were both the professor and myself satisfied with my work. After the whole week of academic drawing classes I felt much more free during the expressive drawing class. I still have a long way to go, but I feel I’m improving a lot! 

3 minutes pencil drawing. 

expressive drawing pain, wiktoria florek

Mixed media drawing re-performed at home.

expressive drawing pain, wiktoria florek


Black and white or colour? Which one do you prefer?


Van Gogh’s beginnings – from error to perfection

Did you know that Van Gogh was a terrible draughtsman? At least at the begging… His sketches were severe, they lacked perspective and proportion and many people considered them ugly. He was drawing hundred of times the same figure just to get it right and he was failing all over again. But he kept day and night working on his craft convinced that this is what he needs to do. And even when people were doubting in his talent like his father, he still kept working. To see his determination have a look at the dialog from the book ‘Lust for life’ by Irving Stone, between his father ad himself:

“Vincent,” he said [Van Gogh’s father], leaning across the broad expanse of table, “don’t you ever get them [drawings] right?”
“No,” replied Vincent.
“Then I wonder if you aren’t making a mistake?”


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