INTIMATE Private Art Viewing in my apartment #2 – ONLINE PREVIEW


Art Venue in my apartment again. It’s 2nd EDITION already! (see the 1st edition here).

Over 20 people and around 30 pieces of art on less than 60m2. It was crowded but exciting. It felt as if the energy of the guests was just meant to be there that evening.  I did a short presentation about Art Empowerment and you can believe me or not but it helped my guests connect with the works of art on a totally different level. They experienced a spiritual connections with works of art. I love when people connect in that way, when a piece of art touches the heart, moves the soul or awakens that important piece of ourselves that is asleep, covered by dust of ordinary days. This happened to Pepi who awaken her inner warrior through the “Warrior” piece:

This piece connected with me in a way I’ve never experienced before” – she said. “I didn’t understand why I liked it so much, and why I was so attracted to it. When you told me that this piece is a “Warrior”, I loved it even more. But it wasn’t until you explained the power of art and how it can awaken what’s inside us, when I understood that this piece connected with my inner warrior that was dormant for many, many years. It felt as if the painting was alive and made for me. I realised how much I missed that part of me. I was a warrior before, but since many years my inner warrior was hidden. It was extraordinary experience. PEPI

Thank you so much to all of you who joined me. You made this evening by far one of the most amazing art experiences ever <3.

If you couldn’t join, sneak peek into an online gallery :)

*Click the photo to enlarge



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INTIMATE Private Art Viewing in my Apartment #2


I’m excited to let you know about second Intimate Private Art Viewing in my apartment – ART & WINE #2!


Duran i Sors 75, 2-5, SABADELL


SAT, 23 MAY |18-22h


18h Wine & Cava


20h Socialising, discussing and experiencing art

There are few new pieces that I will show for the first time :)




Looking forward to seeing you there!!!



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Sold out

These are some examples of my works that sold out in the last couple of months.

I’m so happy, grateful and proud to have the opportunity to work on pieces of art that now shine in Spain, Poland and USA. Also I want to say that I’m very, very proud to have such a creative and open minded individuals within my clients. See how creatively my friend client inspired his mornings with a piece of art tailored just for him here.




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Inspired Mornings | Custom Painting

Custom painting by Wiktoria Florek, abstract art, home decor, home decoration, decoration, decor, interior decor, interior decoration, expressive art

There was so much going on last month – Private Art Viewing, discounts, lot of new paintings for the second round of Private Art Viewing and there was one more thing I didn’t tell you. I’ve got an incredibly exciting commission from an old friend.

One day he called me and said:
“I just moved to a new apartment and my walls are so empty. I love your paintings, want to have one”. His desire was to have a happy, joyful abstract painting that would give him positive vibes and energy. “I want it to hang in front of my bed, so that I can see it when I open my eyes in the morning, it needs to be activating and energising.” – he said.

We decided together that a custom made painting was the best fit. 

After short interview I knew his favourite colours and what type of artworks he loved the most. With all that information I started to work.

A week later I send him a work in progress photo. I wanted him to see where the painting was heading and have his feedback and comments before I continue the work.

Custom painting by Wiktoria Florek, abstract art, home decor, home decoration, decoration, decor, interior decor, interior decoration, expressive art

After couple of his comments I put few more layers to make colours more vibrant and energising and added a bit more of orange accent. The painting was almost ready, waiting for the last feedback. I send the photo.

Custom painting by Wiktoria Florek, abstract art, home decor, home decoration, decoration, decor, interior decor, interior decoration, expressive art

It’s PERFECT – he said.

I’m so fascinated by the energy of colours and textures! So working on this commission was really a joy for me. And I think it’s such a brilliant idea to inspire your day looking at a piece of art that energises and activates your soul, isn’t it? Love to make art that serves others in such an empowering way :)

Did you enjoy the story? Would you like to order a painting infused with your vision and personality to inspire what’s the best in you, everyday? Write me »


  • Read more about commissions here.



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What art does to our brain?

turquoise, violet, pink, abstract art, home decor, home decoration, decoration, decor, interior decor, interior decoration, expressive art

Joy | 100 x 100 cm | mixed on canvas

Einstein knew that “art furnishes with happy feelings to the extent, that cannot be derived from other realms”. I also truly believe that art empowers, gives joy, pleasure and enlightens our lives.

Now it’s neuroscientists turn to prove what we knew for centuries is true… Here are some awesome results that I’ve found.


1. Art brings as much joy as a loved one

Professor Semir Zeki, chair in neuroaesthetics at University College London, conducted an experiment. He showed 30 paintings to dozens of randomly selected people (most of which had no previous interest in art). He found out that when someone liked a painting,  the blood flow in the part of the brain responsible for pleasure and desire was instantly increasing. The increase was by 10% – which is an equivalent of an increase when looking at a loved one.

Professor Zeki said: “What we are doing is giving scientific truth to what has been known for a long time – that beautiful paintings make us feel much better”.

That’s powerful! Art evokes the same reaction as the loved one!


2. Art boosts creativity

Business Insider writes that looking at art triggers your brain to be open to learning, which is directly connected with openness to experience. And the more open you are to experience, the more likely you are to do great creative work in your career. Openness to experience is found to be the most common thread among the highest-achieving scientists, artists, and novelists: they’re more open than the rest of us.

Art automatically triggers this genius quality in our brain – we just need to spend time around art. Isn’t it amazing?


3. Experiencing art rapidly decreases stress levels

study from University of Westminister shows that a brief lunchtime visit to an art gallery rapidly decreased the level of stress hormone – cortisol, within a group of city workers. Participants reported high level of stress level before entering the gallery and declared significant reduction  of stress after 35 min visit.

If you suffer from anxiety, sleep problems and memory impairment, the root cause is high level of stress. This study shows, looking at art can help eliminate those health problems.

The most amazing outcome for me is that you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy the empowering effects art has on us. It’s freaking amazing! All these studies were done on people that didn’t have big knowledge on art. In many cases they didn’t understand the painting and knew nothing about the artist.

You can experience joy, pleasure, reduce your stress and increase your creative abilities just by looking at works of art that appeal to you.


Now a challange ;)

Visit a gallery or a museum this week! Walk around and pay special attention to art that appeals to you… Ignore paintings that you consider boring, and that have no effect on you. Focus on art that attracts you. Is it a painting, a sculpture, an installation? What type of painting? Is it a landscape? An abstract art? Are you attracted by colours? Textures? A particular topic?

All this will help you understand better the type of art that has the most meaningful and powerful impact on you.

Have you experienced any breakthrough after the visit? Leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you :)




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INTIMATE Private Art Viewing in my apartment


Yesterday my apartment was converted into an art venue to welcome couple of art lovers and friends with a glass of wine and Spanish tapas at an INTIMATE PRIVATE ART VIEWING. 

The party is over but I feel that the experience will continue in my heart and I hope that in the hearts of the ones that participated too… 

If you couldn’t join don’t worry!  It doesn’t mean you cannot party with us virtually! I’ve created this gallery so that your spirit can experience the energy of the paintings, smell the flowers, join our discussions and lough with us!

*Click the photo to enlarge

Did you like the virtual tour? Did you get the spirit of the art experience? Which artwork is your fav? Share your thoughts with me below! :)

To peek into the shop go here

P.S. Both my Lovely Guests and AMAZING ONLINE COLLECTOR CIRCLE could enjoy form premium prices for artworks – if you are not yet in, join now for future SPECIAL PROMOTIONS —>



P.S. 1 – If you are a member of Collector’s Circle, go back and check your email for the discount code :)

Ballet Dancer [RED] went yesterday to PEPI <3

Red ballet dancer painting, sold


Abundance Lives Here | New Painting

abstract art, home decor, home decoration, decoration, decor, interior decor, interior decoration, expressive art

“Abundance lives here”
60×60 cm | 23.62×23.62 in
mixed on canvas

“The world is full of abundance and opportunity, but far too many people come to the fountain of life with a sieve instead of a tank car… a teaspoon instead of a steam shovel. They expect little and as a result they get little”  – Ben Sweetland.

This painting is inspired by the philosophy of an abundant life. Painted on fine art heavy paper attached to linen canvas.


My recent thoughts are that we often focus on what we are lacking instead of appreciating and celebrating what we DO have. It’s called scarcity mentality and most of us suffer from that. We believe that there is not enough for everyone and that there is a constant lack in life. I suffer from this believe too. “All great guys are taken” – I thought when I was in my early 20ties; “I never have time to do what I’m really passionate about” – I thought when I was working as Internal Auditor. “What if I never sell enough paintings to maintain my family and give my kids all they deserve?” – I thought not so long ago;  Our mind tends to focus on what we are lacking and this very often creates constant fear, anxiety, and even depression…

What if we stop focusing on what we are lacking at the moment and start thinking about the possibilities and opportunities we have to get what we need? Let’s change the scarcity mentality for abundance mentality!


If you lack money, love, inspiration, time etc. stop focusing on that. Look around and see all these opportunities to make money, meet someone, get inspired, or have some extra time…


What are YOU lacking in your life right now? Do you feel anxious about that? Unhappy? Sad? Depressed? What are the possibilies to obtain what you need? Note down three actions you can take right now to get closer to what you need? Then choose the first step and act now. Share your thoughts with us!

REMEMBER: Come to the fountain of life with a tank car.


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Intimate Private Art Viewing | SABADELL (Barcelona)

Intimate private art viewing, Sabadell, Barcelona

I’m thrilled to invite all art lovers, enthusiasts, interior designers, art collectors, first time art buyers, or anyone who is open to be infused with meaningful and powerful experience to join me at an intimate evening with a personalised tour around sensational world of painted emotions. All accompanied by fine wine/cava and light refreshments.

The tour will also include few tips on how to choose piece of art powerfully so that your living or working space personality is inspired by art YOU are passionate about or that have great meaning to you. If you achieve this, your space will in turn inspire you to live more fully and graciously every day. Art that you are passionate about converts any space into an inspiring, creative area infused with personality and meaning.

Join the upcoming event April 10th now! :)


Carrer Duran i Sors 75, 2-5, 



Groups are strictly limited. Registration is required. Participation only upon guest list.

To join email:

Admission is FREE. Looking forward to seeing you.

P.S. a special, strongly personalised event can be organised for a small group of people (1-6 persons) on request.

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Almond Blossom | New Painting

almond tree painting, tree of life painting, almond blossom painting, expressive painting, expressive art, contemporary art, contemporary painting

“Almond Blossom”
76.5×57 cm | 30.12×22.44 in
mixed on paper

Almond Tree – Tree of life

Aren’t Almond Trees amazingly beautiful? This spring I  totally fall in love with the breathtaking beauty and sweetness of their blossomed branches. They filled my heart and soul with excitement and energy. I felt deeply grateful for being able to observe their magic and to experience their beauty. I could almost hear it whispering:

“I blossomed for you, to excite you with life”.

I immediately got overwhelmed with an irresistible impulse to paint.

Almond trees are the first ones to awaken from its winter sleep and watching them, awakened my senses. I badly desired to document it. I aimed to infuse the painting with power and energy that comes with the first blossoms of the spring through vivid and intense colours and rich textures. It’s not a particular tree, it’s rather painted state of reborn mind and the excitement of a soul that was fed with a joy of gratitude.

Sometimes I have the feeling that we are so busy with our daily routines that we tend to overlook the beauty that is around…

What’s the latest thing that charmed you and empowered your soul?


  • Think about 3 things that gave you exciting fuzz of being alive in the last couple of days and let us know below in the comments ;)

Keep your eyes and soul open to the beauty that’s around you.

If the spring hasn’t yet arrived to you, don’t worry! Bring some fresh blooming flowers to your house and you’ll feel JOY immediately.

Take “Blossom” home.

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TAKE JOY HOME – New Painting

abstract art, home decor, home decoration, decoration, decor, interior decor, interior decoration, expressive art

Recently my days are filled with plenty of delight and an incredible power.

Painting is a labour of love & I’m entirely grateful to enjoy expressing myself to the fullest through art. Deep gratefulness is what gives me immense strength to live whole-heart life and experience happiness regardless the circumstances. Tonny Robins Says: “When you feel grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears”. I’m trying to cultivate gratefulness each day.

Today I want to present you “JOY”. Some of you probably met him already on my Facebook page, but you had no chance to hear him introduce himself.

“JOY” is possitive, open minded and he loves to make others feel AMAZING.

The mission of “JOY” is…


“JOY” really cares about you. He wants to know how do you feel and what makes you feel happy? What are you most grateful for? Is it a touch of the wind or the first ray of sunshine on your face? What do you appreciate life for? Is it easy for you to stay joyful or rather hard? If hard why? What do you do to feel joyfulness more often? Why don’t you do it right now? What is it that you’ll missing to make your life an unending study of joy? JOY thinks you have it all :).

abstract art, home decor, home decoration, decoration, decor, interior decor, interior decoration, expressive art

JOY appreciates the most hanging on the wall…

…and watching you smile.






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