Almond Blossom | New Painting

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“Almond Blossom”
76.5×57 cm | 30.12×22.44 in
mixed on paper

Almond Tree – Tree of life

Aren’t Almond Trees amazingly beautiful? This spring I  totally fall in love with the breathtaking beauty and sweetness of their blossomed branches. They filled my heart and soul with excitement and energy. I felt deeply grateful for being able to observe their magic and to experience their beauty. I could almost hear it whispering: Continue reading “Almond Blossom | New Painting”

NEW PAINTING: Our dream frequencies


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“Vibrations of Love” | 100×100 cm| mixed on canvas

Reflection on our biggest and deepest dreams is the inspiration for this piece.

My biggest dreams are turned ON. Everyday I’m trying to live whole heart life and be the best of myself. I believe that it’s me who’s creating and designing my world, no-one else. And it’s me who everyday turns my own reality into something beautiful and exciting. It doesn’t mean that there is no pain and no struggle. It means that even pain turns into something beautiful if you give the right meaning to it. Continue reading “NEW PAINTING: Our dream frequencies”

Albert Einstein art quote

Albert Einstein art quote

I’m in love with this quote.

“Personally I experience the greatest degree of pleasure in having contact with works of art. They Furnish me with happy feelings of an intensity such as I cannot derive from other realms” ∼ Albert Einstein