White Peacock

White Peacock Painting

Let me tell you a story. Few weeks ago I felt an irresistable desire to paint a White Peacock. I didn’t know why… I just felt I had to paint it.

White Peacock is the SYMBOL OF INTEGRITY. 

It’s curious cause I’ve been very disconnected from my inner self for the last months, I felt confused, angry, anxious, full of doubts and out of balance and I denied trusting my voice…

What I considered a gift was becoming a spell. I didn’t want to paint anymore, cause I didn’t feel rewarded. I desired to get a normal job and have a stable paycheck every month. Continue reading “White Peacock”

Almond Blossom | New Painting

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“Almond Blossom”
76.5×57 cm | 30.12×22.44 in
mixed on paper

Almond Tree – Tree of life

Aren’t Almond Trees amazingly beautiful? This spring I  totally fall in love with the breathtaking beauty and sweetness of their blossomed branches. They filled my heart and soul with excitement and energy. I felt deeply grateful for being able to observe their magic and to experience their beauty. I could almost hear it whispering: Continue reading “Almond Blossom | New Painting”

Albert Einstein art quote

Albert Einstein art quote

I’m in love with this quote.

“Personally I experience the greatest degree of pleasure in having contact with works of art. They Furnish me with happy feelings of an intensity such as I cannot derive from other realms” ∼ Albert Einstein

Commissions – catch emotion forever

So much excitement for weeks, impatiently awaiting Christmas and now it’s over. Hope you had wonderful time and you have plenty of energy to start NEW YEAR! For me this time was relaxing, I charged my batteries and I enter 2015 with new ideas!

Today I would like to introduce a new and exciting thing on WIKART.NET


There are 4 options and this is the one I love the most:

CATCH EMOTION FOREVER  – The most personalised option and the most emotional for me. Imagine you immortalise the emotion of happiness, gratefulness, love, passion or success in a piece of art. We can create together a gift that tastes like your first kiss. Or a gift that smells like first big success. Or a gift that feels like an innocent carefree childhood to celebrate the best friendship ever. You decide what the emotion is…
Continue reading “Commissions – catch emotion forever”