“Flow of Emotions” Exhibition

“Flow of Emotions” – Wiktoria Florek’s solo exhibition. Her paintings are vibrant, full of color and emotion. The creative process begins with a flow of consciousness, spontaneous and dynamic or soft and relaxed brushstrokes, guided by an inner force. The emotions freely appear on canvas through color, textures and lines. Paintings seem to just happen though are powerful and expressive. Every emotion has its own color and intensity. It burns from inside-out appearing with strength, or on the contrary is quiet and delicate, perfectly harmonious.
“To create is to trust myself, to dive into unknown, to explore, to experiment, to let go and express what cannot be expressed with words … Paintings are energy, en extension of me, my state of mind, my mood, mirroring my inner world… Paintings are ALIVE. Don’t judge, feel it.”

Friday 24 February 2017 – 31 March 2017

Place: Escola d’Humanitats Artkhé, carrer Consell de Cent 295, 1r 1a, Barcelona.
Price: Free Entrance

Happy 2017!


New Year, New Beginnings…

I thought that last two years were about growing and following the dreams.

As 2016 was coming to an end I realised that this was not true…

it was all about facing the fears.

About discovering what holds me back and paying attention to subconscious beliefs and thoughts that were sabotaging happiness and success.

I did grow in many ways but I haven’t become the person I want yet.

Because becoming a person I want meant to change.

And I was afraid.

Afraid that the change will lead to losing everything that I’ve worked for so hard my whole life.

Fear is a weakness. But being conscious about your weakness becomes your greatest power.

I feel powerful and unstoppable now.

And my whole body feels that this year will be huge. Bigger than any other in my life.

I don’t know exactly what it’ll bring. But I’m ready to embrace the growth, ready to expand.

And this is what I wish you for this 2017.

I wish you to pay attention to year fears, be conscious and to expand. 
Let you be the best version of yourself. 
You deserve the best of everything on earth, love, wealth, health. 
You deserve to be you in all your splendid. 
And the world needs your inner light shining bright.

Happy New Year !

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Wiktoria Florek

Happy New Year! 2015 Lessons and 2016 Resolutions

Energy shot painting, the best moment of your life is now

Happy New Year!!!

We’re almost in the mid Jan of 2016!!! Woohooo!

Last year I didn’t want 2015 to come, or rather 2014 to finish (here), but this year I’m so thrilled! 

I entered 2016 with lots of enthusiasm, energy and hope. This year will rock!

Kari Samuels, Intuitive Counsellor and Happiness Couch says that 2016 is the year of intuition, insight and inspiration. It’s the year of knowing who you are and expressing that.  It’s the year of looking inside not outside and having the courage of being yourself.

Isn’t that amazing?

If you’ve been like me focused on hard work and personal development in the past years, you probably feel deep inside that this year will finally bring fruits 🙂

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White Peacock

White Peacock Painting

Let me tell you a story. Few weeks ago I felt an irresistable desire to paint a White Peacock. I didn’t know why… I just felt I had to paint it.

White Peacock is the SYMBOL OF INTEGRITY. 

It’s curious cause I’ve been very disconnected from my inner self for the last months, I felt confused, angry, anxious, full of doubts and out of balance and I denied trusting my voice…

What I considered a gift was becoming a spell. I didn’t want to paint anymore, cause I didn’t feel rewarded. I desired to get a normal job and have a stable paycheck every month. Continue reading “White Peacock”

Commissions – catch emotion forever

So much excitement for weeks, impatiently awaiting Christmas and now it’s over. Hope you had wonderful time and you have plenty of energy to start NEW YEAR! For me this time was relaxing, I charged my batteries and I enter 2015 with new ideas!

Today I would like to introduce a new and exciting thing on WIKART.NET


There are 4 options and this is the one I love the most:

CATCH EMOTION FOREVER  – The most personalised option and the most emotional for me. Imagine you immortalise the emotion of happiness, gratefulness, love, passion or success in a piece of art. We can create together a gift that tastes like your first kiss. Or a gift that smells like first big success. Or a gift that feels like an innocent carefree childhood to celebrate the best friendship ever. You decide what the emotion is…
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MAKE GLORIOUS MISTAKES – 2014 resolutions

make mistakes quote

I never make new year’s resolutions. I just want to be a better person for others and for myself. I want to grow every second, minute, day, month, year and be wiser, wiser with experiences, sensations, feelings, emotions. And I want to taste consciously every second of my life, fully experience each moment, without fear of doing wrong. Just following my heart and intuition. Live whole-heart life.

I’ve realized that what frequently holds me from living fully my life is fear and shame. Fear of making mistakes, of doing wrong, of making fool of myself and shame of showing real me to others and even to myself. Continue reading “MAKE GLORIOUS MISTAKES – 2014 resolutions”