Christian Boros An Art Collector On Collecting Art

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How are you doing today?
Hope you’re great and ready to kick off the week with new energy 🙂
I started the day researching on collecting art and I bumped into an inspiring video where Christian Boros a contemporary art collector.
He said something that surprised me but then I realised he’s right:

I don’t believe in love at first sight with the art we collect. We never buy right away, I always try sleep on it.
Sometimes you fall in love the wrong way, with things that are just pleasant.
It needs to pinch and hurt a bit, in order to receiving a lasting moment.
We also like to purchase things we don’t like.
Those are often things we fall in love with on the second look.
Those pieces that don’t please immediately and are a bit bulky.

/Christian Boros, an art collector.
“I don’t believe in love at first sight with the art we collect”…
I used to think that that buying art is like love at first sight.
And in some way it is…
But Christian highlighted one important thing: “you should always try to sleep on it”… 
Often I was completely crazy about a piece of art I saw and then when looking at it for the second, third and fourth time, it wasn’t so fascinating anymore… Each time I looked at it I liked it less and less.
The best art to collect is the art that you love more and more every time you look at it. 
That’s the true love. 
And that’s the art that will serve and give you joy for generations.
What’s your experience on collecting art? Do you agree?
Watch the video on Collecting Art with Christian Boros:

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