“Flow of Emotions” Exhibition

“Flow of Emotions” – Wiktoria Florek’s solo exhibition. Her paintings are vibrant, full of color and emotion. The creative process begins with a flow of consciousness, spontaneous and dynamic or soft and relaxed brushstrokes, guided by an inner force. The emotions freely appear on canvas through color, textures and lines. Paintings seem to just happen though are powerful and expressive. Every emotion has its own color and intensity. It burns from inside-out appearing with strength, or on the contrary is quiet and delicate, perfectly harmonious.
“To create is to trust myself, to dive into unknown, to explore, to experiment, to let go and express what cannot be expressed with words … Paintings are energy, en extension of me, my state of mind, my mood, mirroring my inner world… Paintings are ALIVE. Don’t judge, feel it.”

Friday 24 February 2017 – 31 March 2017

Place: Escola d’Humanitats Artkhé, carrer Consell de Cent 295, 1r 1a, Barcelona.
Price: Free Entrance

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