Giclèe Fine Art Prints Just As The Original Painting

Fine Art Print Wiktoria Florek

Mini Kiss – Fine Art Print with Black Frame

Yey! I’m excited to tell you that you can now choose a Giclèe Fine Art Print and have a breathtaking reproduction of my artwork. 

If you’re on budget or an original piece you love has sold out, this is for you!

What’s Giclèe Fine Art Print?

Giclèe is an artwork reproduced using the technology of digital ink and very sophisticated printers. Giclèe is a French word that describes the way inks are injected on a surface (paper, canvas or other). The result is a Fine Art Print that looks just as the Original Painting. 

How Giclèe Fine Art Prints Are Made?

It’s a difficult and long process before such a print can be offered. 

First you need to professionally photograph your work in the best possible way (so that no glares, no strange colors, and crisp sharp captures of every brush stroke and texture).

Once the artwork is perfectly captured you need to make test prints until everything (the colour, texture, brightness) is exactly how they should be.

After long research I’ve chosen to work with Grafic Art Prints.  They use the best inks and incredibly advanced printers that obtain outstanding results (their printers produce prints with a resolution of 2800dpi, it’s like having 2800 points on one inch surface – I’ve got goose bumps when I think how stunning this is!). Prints are made on gorgeous, slightly textured Hahnemühle’s William Turner Paper (310 g/m2) or beautiful Hahnemühle’s Artist Canvas. 

The edition of each print is limited. I offer only 75 prints per artwork. Each print is numbered, signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

I personally supervise the quality and I make sure it’s taking the breath away just as the original.

What does this mean for you?

You’ll get a SPECTACULAR Art Print that looks just as the original, has the same beautiful vibrant colours and textures.

The cost? A bargain for first-time collectors or decorators on a budget.

If you’re afraid that the print may fade or change its colour over time, don’t worry! Thanks to a remarkable quality of inks, the prints maintain the colour without any damage for over 100 years. 

Off course, there are some steps to ensure your print lasts a lifetime. Here are the absolute musts for caring for your print:


1. Keep it out of direct sunlight. These inks don’t like the sun and will hide away over time if you keep them in direct sun too often.

2. No water of any kind. This is quite obvious 🙂

3. Frame it for best results. I recommend a white or black around my prints. Black highlights the beauty of the artwork. White is the most common color for a reason as it provides the least distraction from the art itself.  Framing will also ensure your print will remain safe and sound.  


That’s it 🙂

The prints on paper start at €69 and can be a beautiful addition to your gallery wall or to a unique gift for friend.

Shop Your Print here.


Fine Art Print Wiktoria Florek

Mini Kiss – Fine Art Print with White Frame

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