Happy 2017!


New Year, New Beginnings…

I thought that last two years were about growing and following the dreams.

As 2016 was coming to an end I realised that this was not true…

it was all about facing the fears.

About discovering what holds me back and paying attention to subconscious beliefs and thoughts that were sabotaging happiness and success.

I did grow in many ways but I haven’t become the person I want yet.

Because becoming a person I want meant to change.

And I was afraid.

Afraid that the change will lead to losing everything that I’ve worked for so hard my whole life.

Fear is a weakness. But being conscious about your weakness becomes your greatest power.

I feel powerful and unstoppable now.

And my whole body feels that this year will be huge. Bigger than any other in my life.

I don’t know exactly what it’ll bring. But I’m ready to embrace the growth, ready to expand.

And this is what I wish you for this 2017.

I wish you to pay attention to year fears, be conscious and to expand. 
Let you be the best version of yourself. 
You deserve the best of everything on earth, love, wealth, health. 
You deserve to be you in all your splendid. 
And the world needs your inner light shining bright.

Happy New Year !

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Wiktoria Florek

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