Happy New Year! 2015 Lessons and 2016 Resolutions

Energy shot painting, the best moment of your life is now

Happy New Year!!!

We’re almost in the mid Jan of 2016!!! Woohooo!

Last year I didn’t want 2015 to come, or rather 2014 to finish (here), but this year I’m so thrilled! 

I entered 2016 with lots of enthusiasm, energy and hope. This year will rock!

Kari Samuels, Intuitive Counsellor and Happiness Couch says that 2016 is the year of intuition, insight and inspiration. It’s the year of knowing who you are and expressing that.  It’s the year of looking inside not outside and having the courage of being yourself.

Isn’t that amazing?

If you’ve been like me focused on hard work and personal development in the past years, you probably feel deep inside that this year will finally bring fruits 🙂

2015 Lessons


End of 2015 gave me a huge lesson. What I considered a gift was becoming a spell (here). I was lost.

And then I’ve learned that I wasn’t lost, I was just looking the wrong way…

This experience taught me that:

Looking for happiness outside makes me feel disconnected, confused, frustrated, anxious and unsatisfied.

Listening to others advising me on my problems distracts, confuses and makes me feel unbalanced.

I very quickly forget about little successes and always want more. This happens when my ego takes the lead.

All negativity and frustrating desires of my ego melt down, when I’m connected to my inner divine part.

Unhappiness comes from my thoughts (not for the situation itself).

I’m ME not my thoughts and not my ego.

Freedom, harmony, peace and happiness comes from inside. No-one and nothing can provide it to me.

Being aware of NOW disentangles the past and enlightens the future.

Listening to myself is easy when I pay careful attention.

I’ve also learned to enjoy little moments. And my favourite moment of 2015 is: trying on wedding dresses… 😀


2016 Resolution

This year my only resolution is to be FREE. Free from the past and free from the future. I want to pay careful attention to the exact moment of now. To enjoy my life just as it is, and to look from inside out. Look with the eyes of my true self.

Elkhart Tolle says: “Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.”

Cause only when we carefully pay attention to the present moment we live our live consciously. Being in NOW is switching off the autopilot and enjoying what you have.

Do you want to go through your life on an autopilot or do you want to truly, greatly live it? I choose to live my life and to be present.



And that’s what I wish all of you this year – hearts wide open for Now.

So, are you ready to rock 2016 !?!? 🙂

XoXo & Love,


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