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I’ll create a piece of art carefully tailored for you. It’ll be a unique and true statement of your essence – who you are and what you stand for.

We’ll meet, you’ll talk. Then, I’ll paint the energy of your words – your energy.




1. To order a custom made painting send me an email with desired size, colours (if any), and previous paintings from my collection that fit your aesthetic. You may view these in my portfolio. Don’t worry if you are not totally sure what painting you want to order, we’ll figure it out in the next step.

2. Meeting with the artist (personally or over the phone/Skype). Time to understand on a deeper level your needs.

We’ll discuss your passions, lifestyle you have and the one you dream about, what sets your heart on fire, what uplifts and inspires you. 

We’ll discover your desires and what defines who you are.

We’ll choose a perfect color palette that will convert your space into an inspiring manifiesto of your true essence and a dream lifestyle.

3. 60% of non-refundable deposit is requested before the work begins (30% in the design phase and 30% once the composition and color scheme is agreed and before Creation of the final artwork begins). If you’re not happy with the final outcome, the painting will be placed for sale and you may use the deposit to purchase another artwork from the store.

4. Time to start. I will send 2-3 photos of the progress so that you can actively get involved whenever you desire. Please feel totally free to request any change before the work is completed.  It takes between 4-8 weeks to complete the work (depending on size, complexity and current workload).

5. Photo of the final outcome is sent to you.

6. The remaining balance is due within 15 days of you having approved the completed painting and before shipment.


See prices for reference here.


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Lukasz S., Founder of an Electric Company, Musician & DJ

“It’s perfect. I love it.”

This piece was commissioned for a bedroom to inspire and activate the spirit in the mornings.

Energy shot. Custom painting by Wiktoria Florek.

Gosia K., HR Manager Shell

“So much passion in the dress! Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous”

This piece was created for Gosia’s mam. Gosia was looking for a special and unique Christmas gift. The order was inspired by a ballet dancer painting previously sold. It was created to convey passion through expressive and dynamic brush strokes.

modern contemporary art, modern european art, modern expressive art, Wiktoria Florek, Blue Ballet Dancer, artwork, painting

George Y., VP Customer Satisfaction Schneider Electric

We love it!” 

This piece was a custom order inspired by a KISS painting. It was first original piece of art acquired by George and his family. The commission objective was to create smaller version of the original painting.

custom painting, wiktoria florek


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