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Hope you’re doing well and you’re enjoying this beautiful month.

June is gone and I’m very excited and impatient about upcoming months. But before I announce news (important ones, so grasp a coffee and read till the end :)) and plans I’d love to share with you what I’ve been up to so far.


I got married!

On 17th of June we had little civil ceremony in town next to Barcelona where I’m living. The civil wedding in Spain was to celebrate our marriage with the family that couldn’t join us for the wedding in Poland. So it was very private, with the closest ones.

One month from now we’ll be celebrating our second wedding (that’s a blessing to live it twice 🙂 ) at church in my beloved home town Cracow.

After the wedding we’re going to Indonesia for our honey moon. Our trip will be a mix of backpacking, trekking, volcanoes, jungle and more luxurious, romantic moments of SPA, massages and paradise beaches. I already feel the tropical air in my hair and the excitement of adventure.  My heart’s beating faster and faster as I imagine discovering new lands and new cultures.


Marriage is something much deeper and more spiritual than I have imagined. Our relationship became tighter and the foundations tangibly stronger. I’m still a bit astonished how much, a signed paper and 3 minutes in the civil court changed in my mind-set and in the perception of our relationship.

We’re now formally a family and a family is the most precious thing for me. I’ve noticed that the egocentric and self-centred part of me which was there pushing my own way (from time to time) is now milder and more relaxed. You and me became one and it’s not just an empty word, I really can feel it.

This said I also became more aware of things that are really important for me.

I found what makes me the happiest, what brings me the biggest joy.

In the past I thought it was painting. And yes, I love painting but what really, deeply makes me happy is when my art makes others happy, when its colours and textures inspire and excite someone. That’s what gives the purpose, what empowers and makes me unstoppable.

Two days ago I had a beer with couple of people from European Commission (I play with numbers for them as a freelancer) who didn’t even know I was a painter (on top of being an economist and an auditor).

Suddenly someone asked me why I was doing freelance and if I wouldn’t prefer to work full time for the Commission or for another employer and get a stable pay check.

I explained how, almost two years ago I quit my job to pursue an art career. They looked at me in disbelief. So I continued explaining my path and at the end I showed my business cards inviting them to visit my website and check out my work.

My business cards are a piece of art itself. Each of them has different beautiful, vivid print of my work on the back.

One collogue immediately grasped it and said “I want this painting”!  I was not expecting to make any sales that day.

But the sale itself was not the most amazing thing, it was the expression of his face.

That collogue of mine was happy and excited to purchase his first piece of art.

I was moved that I could directly contribute to his joy. He also commissioned a second piece and invited us to come over to his apartment in Prague to see the paintings in real.

Then one girl took a card and asked me if I could sign it for her. She said she’ll put it on the wall in her office. Another excited and happy person that night :).

My art sells on-line, so I don’t usually see people’s faces when looking at it or purchasing it. This was one of the first sales (except few sales to friends) in person. And it made me re-think the way I’m doing business again. I’ve released that I the power of art really empowers others.

I’m telling you this story to share my thoughts and inspiration that lead to the biggest change since the beginning of my art career. I’ve decided to make some adjustments in the pricing policy so that bigger artworks could be more affordable.

I hope that this will allow to contribute with joy, happiness and excitement to more lifes on this earth and especially I hope it’ll make it possible for you to purchase your favourite painting now, if you desire so 🙂

I want to deeply thank you for being my companion in this amazing, surprising and rewarding artistic path. I couldn’t do it alone. I feel deep gratitude that you’re part of my Art Family and I want you to know that you’re important and unique for me.

Here’s new price list:

Size:                                  Investment*

30×40 cm / 12×16 in                   300€
40×50 cm / 16×20 in                   390€
60×60 cm / 24×24 in                   699€
80×100 cm / 31×39 in               1199€
100×100 cm / 39×39 in             1499€
120×120 cm / 47×47 in             1799€

June 2016

* Prices are an estimate for reference, rights to change reserved
***Big paintings on canvas will be shipped rolled in a tube, ‘Ready to Hang’ option available for additional fee
****Duties and other Taxes for shipments outside EU are on the buyer



Another announcement is our summer closure. I’ll be busy with wedding preparations in Poland and then we’ll be away for honey moon. I want to take time to enjoy this unique period with my closest ones and  I won’t have time to address orders and make shipments.

That’s why I’ll be closing the shop on July 10th.

Last artworks will be shipped on July 11th.

If you fancied a painting you may want to head the shop and get it before it’s gone 🙂

Here’s the link:

Once I’ll be back from honey moon I’m planning to shut myself in the studio and take the best of fresh, juicy Indonesian inspiration and recharged creativity to work on a series of delicious artworks. Although I’m excited about everything that’s ahead, this part is my ultimate excitement!


On-line shop will be re-stocked and re-opened somewhere in October/November.

I don’t have an exact date yet.

I’ll keep you posted.




Third thing I want to share is the last spot available for the commission.

If you’re interested to order a custom painting just drop me an email.

Have a wonderful, colourful, happy day and the whole week and those of you who start holidays any soon – enjoy! 🙂



With Love,
Wiktoria Florek

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