Valentine’s Special – “Kiss” Charged With Immense Love, Fullness and Sun

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KISS Large Giclèe Print

Good morning love!

How are you doing today?

I’ve started preparing for a huge Love Celebration – Saint Valentine’s Day!

Do you celebrate it big? How? Do you exchange cards, chocolates or any gifts? What about a romantic dinner with your valentine love?

I’m not a very romantic person myself and I usually don’t celebrate much this day. However this year feels a bit different… Feels like celebrating big the love and the romance.

How am I going to celebrate?

A valentine’s card is a must. There’s nothing like reading how special and unique you are to the other person. We should always remind ourselves how much we care about each other. And there’s a special magic in putting on paper what’s in your heart.

I know Valentine’s Day is still one month away. But I also know that if I leave everything till the last moment it won’t be as special as I wish it was… 

In July I’m getting married and wedding preparations taught me how joyful it is to plan and organise important celebrations. Saint Valentine’s Day is like little celebration towards one of the most important things in life – LOVE. And it doesn’t matter whether you are in a romantic relationship or not. LOVE is what’s inside each of us and the most powerful love we can experience is Love towards ourselves. Because if we don’t love ourselves we can’t genuinely give and receive love from others. 

So give yourself as much love, attention and care as possible. 

You’ve got to be full of yourself to give. And you’ve got to love yourself infinitely and unconditionally to receive unconditional love from others.

Fill your well first 🙂

I’ve already started and I’m fuelled with love and energy, I’m ready to give.

As we’re getting closer to LOVE Celebration I wanted to remind you that KISS painting is available as Limited Edition Giclèe Prints (the largest option is as big as the original and it’s spectacular) or as a Poster.

Each print whether it’s a Giclèe or a Poster are charged with infinitive love, fullness and sun – your Velnetine’s Special <3

Wish your well is always over-flowing.



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