What makes our soul happy

happiness, take time to make your soul happy

Yesterday I had beautiful conversation with my best friend. It was about life, about what we like in our lives and what we want to change. She was extremely positive, optimistic, and happy in almost all aspects. She said she loves her life! You could feel immense energy, power and enthusiasm. I was so happy to hear it, or actually to read it (we were talking on Facebook – she lives in Cracow and me in Barcelona), especially that she used to be unhappy for a long time. What has changed that suddenly she has become happy? Well actually not so much, she just realized the things she has and she started appreciating them. The thing number one that she mentioned are amazing people she has around. The staff they do together and what they mean to her.

I’ve started to think about my life and suddenly I felt I wanted to have my best friends, my soul mates close… but… I left them far away when moving to my drem Barcelona. In one second I felt so bad and really unhappy. Suddenly my mind was filled with lot of negative thoughts: I should have stayed in Cracow, I have no soul mates in Barcelona, I will never find here the same strong friendships I had over there, I feel so lonely etc. I was not happy about living in Barcelona anymore, I actually felt unhappy about everything in my life. It took me exactly 1h 2min to realize that my thoughts were wrong!

Moving to Barcelona was my dream, it was all I was speaking about for years. I din’t feel happy in Cracow feeling that Barcelona is my place on earth and I DID follow my heart when it was telling me that Barcelona is THE place. For about an hour my mind was bombing me with negativity and things I was lacking. My thoughts were focused on insufficiency what made me feel really down. And for one hour I let those thoughts invade myself. I felt I was losing energy and I doubted about all the decisions I made in last years and about all the achievements I made in both personal and professional life… I could stay like this for long time blaming myself and everything around for wrong decisions or… I could confront all this negative thoughts with my heart.

I don’t know exactly how, but I did the second thing… I confronted my thoughts with my heart. I knew that it was my heart that brought me here and immediately I saw again all the great things that I have here and the people that are around me and that my best friends in Poland will always be important part of my life, regardless of the distance. The negative thoughts disappeared. After the storm the sun was shining again!

I told all this to my friend and she said: “exactly, it is all about appreciating what you have”. Happiness is about appreciating what you have – I’ve repeated – because what I have is what I’ve chosen to have, what I’ve fighted for, what I’ve aimed at. Being conscious about my choices and why I made them helped me appreciate what I have and what I’ve achieved and made me feel happy again. The change from one mood to another was immediate. “Happiness is the choice not the state of mind”.

Take time to do things that make your soul happy – dance, paint, read, walk hand in hand with your partner, meet with your frinds, party, travel, write, create, watch films; whatever makes your soul happy do it! And enjoy what you’ve already achieved, think about all the good things that are around you, about people that are by you.  Don’t let it be under-appreciated by what you lack to have. Change “I don’t have enough” into “I have all I need” – happinest people don’t have everything, they just have enough and make the best of it. It’s not a secret that happiness is realizing how blessed you are for having what you have. But it works only if it becomes your truth, it has to be concious choice. It does not come naturally for most of us. So confront your thoughts with your heart, don’t let them invade you, fight negative thoughts with good ones and they’ll disappear.

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